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Staff Induction and Development

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New teachers, teaching assistants and therapy staff are invited to follow an excellent induction programme for the first year, delivered by highly skilled staff, including our specialised speech and language (SaLT) and music therapists. The induction programme is tailored and aimed at explaining our pedagogy when working with our students. Existing staff are also encouraged to attend particular training sessions in order to develop their skills and knowledge.

The bespoke programme includes:


  • Step by step guidance regarding completing, reviewing and evaluating essential documentation. This includes Individual Education Plans, Individual Behaviour Plans, Individual Risk Assessments, Outdoor and Community Risk Assessments, pen portraits, eating and drinking plans.
  • Signposting long and medium term curriculum plans and supporting resources for each Key stage.
  • Essential information to meet the health and safety needs of individuals such as dysphagia training.
  • Information on meeting the needs of student’s with a diagnosis of autism, including creating an autism friendly environment.
  • Directions for using specialist rooms and different specialist technological equipment, particularly when supporting students with PMLD, for example setting up different switches.
  • An overview of English and Maths schemes for higher attaining students.
  • Sensory diet support to assist planning for students with sensory integration needs including therapeutic use of our amazing purpose built soft-play room which specifically caters for our students from 11-22 years.
  • Supporting staff to deliver a Total Communication approach. Our Key Stage 5 Department Lead and our SaLT team have an integral role in collaborative working with Trafford’s Communication Champions.
  • An insight into working on regulating and developing emotional maturity with our music therapist.

Feedback from some of our training sessions:


Risk assessments, pen portraits


‘Very clear and to the point. Very useful to look at the information on the system during the session.’

Behaviour plans


‘My understanding was definitely improved by this session. Well delivered presentation.’

Communication (Boardmaker)


‘A very useful session to help orientate around Boardmaker and very grateful for the offer of further help if necessary.’

Meeting sensory needs


‘Great information and really useful to do the session in the soft play room and to be able to discuss how we can use it with students.’

Music Therapy


‘Great training-such great examples of students and explanations of music therapy and its impact on our students’.

All new staff, including teachers, teaching assistants, middays, therapy assistants, administrative workers are assigned a mentor within the department they will be working in. The mentor is always a member of staff who has considerable knowledge of our working practice. The mentor will offer assistance, and guidance and their role is pivotal to ensuring that staff feel confident to develop their knowledge and skills.

New staff attend first, third and fifth month probationary review with the Deputy, who organises and oversees the comprehensive induction programme.

 Feedback from staff is exceptionally positive and highlights the significant benefits of having a mentor:

‘Everyone has been helpful from top to bottom. I feel comfortable approaching everyone. Everyone has been super welcoming!’ (Teaching Assistant, February 2018).

‘I feel very supported by staff and I’m enjoying my role and find it interesting and rewarding’ Teaching Assistant, April 2018).

I have had great support from all the staff and a lovely class to work with!’ (Teacher, June 2018).

I am happy working at Brentwood, lovely staff and students’ (Midday Assistant, June 2018).



This is the best career move I have chosen I am so happy’ (Teaching Assistant, July 2018).

‘I’m really enjoying my time here at Brentwood. I feel fully supported and valued’ (Teaching Assistant, October 2018).

I have found it very easy to settle in at Brentwood because everyone is so lovely and supportive.’ Teacher, October 2018).

Three probationary reviews during the initial five months, ensures that new staff have additional opportunity to reflect on their learning and to identify any further training needs. We acknowledge requests for additional training, and in response to discussions during probationary meetings we also hold weekly basic computer training for any member of staff to increase their confidence and proficiency using IT to support learning. The SaLT and therapy assistant are trained to deliver signalong and new and existing staff enjoy blocks of weekly training over a term. This training is so popular, it is delivered on a rolling programme, in addition to the weekly induction training.

We are committed to ensuring that our new Middays feel fully supported in their role and ensure that essential information is shared about students in order for them to be safe and have their individual needs met. This may include eating and drinking advice, specific medical needs, sharing of positive behaviour practice where appropriate and in the best interests of the student. The role of our middays is vitally important in ensuring that our students are fully assisted in the dining room and outside. By having additional staff at lunch time, we are able to offer a variety of lunch time clubs for all students to attend. The speech therapy assistant provides regular comprehensive signalong training for Middays to help them to communicate with our students.


We are incredibly proud of the support we offer to everyone who starts work at Brentwood School and Community College. It is our ultimate aim that all new staff feel welcomed and fully supported from the start. We recognise and value diversity and actively seek to employ people from a wide range of working backgrounds and with different levels of experience.

If you are interested in joining our hard working, dedicated team, check our vacancies section on our website, we regularly have a range of job opportunities. Alternatively, you may have a few hours to spare, and we welcome enquiries from volunteers to come and support us to achieve our motto ‘learning for life’.