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Letter for Parents: School Reopening - September 2020

23rdJuly 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


We are working on our plans for the full re-opening of school in September, and our aim is for all students to be back in school and college.


School and college  will operate in five ‘bubbles’– one each for college, 6th Form, ASC, PMLD and Lower school and within the ‘bubbles’ we will be working mainly in smaller class groups. We will work with transport to stagger the start and end of the school day and we will manage break and lunchtimes to limit any possibility of cross infection. We will continually aim for social distancing and reinforce hygiene expectations with regard to handwashing and disinfecting equipment between use. We have a good supply of PPE and staff will wear this where appropriate during procedures that require close contact.

At this stage we are still awaiting further information from transport and health in order that we can finalise our plans. Please be reassured that we are doing all we can to ensure the full return to school on 3rd September and we will be in touch with you towards the end of the summer holidays to finalise our plans and provide you with additional information. Our updated risk assessment will also be made available on our website prior to the return to school in September.


We will contact you again with our final plans towards the end of the holiday. If you would like to discuss your son/daughter’s return please get in touch with me either by dojo, or email me at  I will check my emails regularly throughout the holidays and respond as soon as I can. During the two weeks commencing 10th and 17th August I will only respond to emergency contacts. We will be in touch with everyone prior to our return.


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone back in school and returning to some sort of normality in September.


Wishing you all well

Kindest Regards

Jude Lomas