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Message from the Headteacher: Reopening of Brentwood

Dear Parents/Carers
I hope you and your families are all keeping well in these difficult times.

Our school staff will be contacting you in the coming weeks to discuss the ‘reasonable endeavours' we can put in place to meet the provision for your son/daughter’s EHCP. We want to look at what is on your son/daughter’s plan and see if we are able to meet any provision either in school if they are attending, remotely, or at home with support and resources from school.


However it will be impossible to deliver some aspects of provision due to social distancing rules, shielding and health issues. We do not want anyone to feel they have to deliver provision at home but want to work with you to find a way forward that you are in agreement with.

As you know the government have advised special schools to gradually increase numbers from June. We are therefore looking at our model of delivery and including additional students where we have assessed that they would benefit from some time in school/college. We are fully committed to keeping staff and students as safe as possible, and will therefore continue to provide part time placements and limit numbers in school.


Some of you will be returning to work, and I am sure that for some of you it is becoming increasingly difficult to care for your son/daughter at home. We are interested to hear how you feel about your son/daughter returning to school, although places will continue to be very limited. We need to keep everyone safe and social distancing is almost impossible in our setting!


Stay safe everyone
Best wishes