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Weekend Bike Sessions for Students

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well.

We appreciate how difficult it is for you all to keep your child/young adult occupied at the moment and we would therefore like to trial running a bike session on Saturday morning on the bike track at school. Parents will be asked to stay with their son/daughter and we will allocate half hour session for 2 students at a time.

We will need to respect social distancing at all times so parents/carers will be asked to stay with their son/daughter and provide support with riding the bikes where necessary. Bikes will be disinfected between use. We can provide helmets which we can also wipe down between use, but if your son/daughter has their own helmet it would be worth bringing that.


If you would like to book a place, please reply through dojo, or by emailing

We will message back a time and confirmation that you have successfully been allocated a place. We will do our best to allocate places fairly. Hopefully we will be able to provide more sessions in the future if we can manage this safely.

Stay safe